Travel Tips

Yarn crawl weekend is less than two weeks away.  Can you feel the fiber frenzy?  If you can get out to one or thirteen shops, just get out there to see what Long Island yarn shops have going on.  As you work on your final preparations we wanted to share some tips.

  1. Bring your passport and get it stamped at all the shops.
  2. Reference or possibly print out our shop travel page.  We hope it has all the details you need to get around for the weekend.
  3. When you get hungry stop and get a bite.  It is important to refuel.  The shops have given their recommendations for restaurants in their area.
  4. Drop off your preemie hats & blankets to any shop.  Make sure they are labeled so you can be entered for our charity knit drawing prizes, we have some nice ones (see the charity page).
  5. Before the end of the weekend drop off completed passports (stamped from 12 or more stores) at any of the stores.
  6. Have an amazing time hopping from shop to shop!

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