Do you have questions about the 2nd Annual Long Island Yarn Crawl?  Here are some we have heard.  If you have more please ask them in the comments or email us at

Ravelry ButtonWear your Ravelry button to connect with other crawlers after the crawl.  Shops will have some on hand.

How do I participate?  Just show up at any one of the 12 shops over the course of the weekend (April 7th – 10th).  Visit one shop or all 12.  Get your passport stamped at each shop and turn it in at the end of your adventure or the end of the crawl, whichever comes first.  If you get 12 stamps you will be entered into the grand prize (details).  Passports with less than 12 stamps will also be eligible for smaller prizes.  No purchase required to get a stamp, one passport per crawler.

How do I get there?  Long Island is best driven.  Get some friends an pile into a car for a weekend of fun.  Some shops may be close to the LIRR.  You might want to join up with another person by connecting on our Ravelry group.

How much does it cost?  The only cost is for the yarn you choose to purchase.  How can you pass up yarn?

How do I get a bag?  Make a purchase for $40 or more and receive a bag.  Or you can purchase a bag for $5.  While supplies last.

How do I enter a shops door prize?  Each shop will have a door prize for crawlers to enter on Thursday/Friday and another for Saturday/Sunday.  A purchase of any amount must be made to enter.

How do I know what is going on at each shop?  Each shop has hours posted on our shops page (  Each shop has or will share their special events via their shop spotlight in their blog post (  When you arrive at each shop they will post on their door their specials and have them labeled with a special sign within the shop.

How do I donate to charity?  Bring your charity knit/crochet items to any shop.  See details here:  Each item must have its own tag with your information on it for entry into the charity knit drawing.  We will share what we collected on the blog about a month after the crawl.

Where do I eat?  Ask for recommendations at any one of the shops.  Some suggestions supplied by the shops are here:

See our guidelines page for details:

Have another question, just ask here or mail us at


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