Shop Spotlight: Nuna Knits

Nuna Knits is located at 50 East Main St. in Riverhead, just inside Green Earth Natural Foods.


Nuna Knits of a life style experience of locally sourced yarns, hand spinning, manufactured farm 2 fashion sourced garments, socks and wool accessory’s.  Nuna knits also curates vintage woolens of wool and cashmere from the mid-century (1940’s-1960’s) trend, vintage buttons made from natural components of leather, mother of pearl, animal horn, exotic woods, etc., vintage knitting needles from the 1920’s and Nuna’s own brand of knitting needle tools.

PEGGIE EHLERS is the creative inspiration behind NUNA KNITS. As a maker of yarn of all things wool, her world is enveloped with knitting, researching trends, spinning, teaching, and creating breed specific blended yarns/garments for the Nuna brand, private industry designers and farmers.

What distinguishes Peggie from others in this profession of expertise is her ability and passion to bridge the farm to fashion trend. This bridge has been achieved through the history of the world’s plant and animal fibers, art and science of hand spinning and composing a wool education program for children. This knowledge along with a 2009 ASI wool classer certification enables Peggie to design products from specific wool breed types and plant varieties that incorporate all that we live with in fashion and life style.
Nuna Knits YARN CRAWL.jpg
The Nuna brand holds a story.  It hides in the wool and whispers from all it’s team of makers.  Look close, the animas are grazing in a spring green pasture.  A maker is constructing each product.  Craftsmanship methods date to the days of old.  All ingredients trace back to hands like yours.  Someone made this just for you.
Nuna uses farmers that raise happy fiber breeding animals, care for the pasture + water supply, made in the USA, protect their workers, practice fair trade and care for the earth.
“NUNA” is a native American name meaning “of the land”.  All plants and animals depend on this land for food and nourishment, while farmers plant, harvest and steward the land.

From the grasses and forbs that nourish animal fleeces they forever share, know that you will be supporting the growing desire to buy local and buy natural.

NUNA KNITS supports the “CAMPAIGN FOR WOOL” and celebrates the beautiful qualities of this natural, sustainable, renewable fiber.

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