Charity Knit

Thanks to all of our knitters and crocheters!  This year we collected over 860 hats and 58 blankets going to Long Island preemies at Winthrop, Stony Brook and St. Charles.  The generosity and warmth is truly amazing.

The lucky winners of the charity knit drawings are:

  • Jane McClure
  • Terry O’Brien
  • Melissa Levine
  • Maggi Ippolato
  • Carol Ransom
  • Betty Jayne Volpe
  • Marge Geary
  • Lynn A. Currie
  • Joanne Ottone
  • Stephanie Cross
  • Joann Panzica
  • Sandra Beysolow
  • Adriane Geller
  • Nicole Cutter
  • Pat Telschow
  • Judith Horvath

Prizes are being mailed to your pick-up shop on Tuesday and will be available later this week for you to pick-up.  Congratulations!

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