Door Prize Winners

Thanks to all that crawled in 2019. Here are some of the door prize winners:

The Knitting Cove & Yarn Shop:

  • Thursday – Alison Steck-Sholl
  • Friday – Ellen Sarcone
  • Saturday – Y. McCoy
  • Sunday – Patrice Mollica dsem

The Knitting Garden:

  • Thursday/Friday – Ruthi Ferrago
  • Saturday/Sunday – Renata Stern.

Sew What’s New and Yarn Too!

  • Fri/Sat: Katie Kelly & Steph Cross
  • Sat/Sun: Maddie Hackett & Sharon Stevenson
  • Overall: Diane Craddock


  • Thursday – Erin Kanelos
  • Friday – Diane Craddock
  • Saturday – Kathy Keavy
  • Sunday – Joanne D’Angelo

The Knitted Purl:

  • Thursday – Not Boshnick
  • Friday – Kathy Prinz
  • Saturday – Linda Blair
  • Sunday – Frances Barone

Long Island Yarn and Farm:

  • Thursday – Terry O’Brien
  • Friday – Renee Couvertier
  • Saturday – Peggy Burke
  • Sunday – Pat Tomassi

Black Sheep Knitworks:

Vicki ,Carrianne, Jennifer, Ann ,Mary, Virginie, Sharon, Terry, Beverly, Sherrie, Renee, Ilene


  • Thursday – Diane Salto
  • Friday – Wally
  • Saturday – Claudia Comay
  • Sunday – Deanna Schiffman
  • Thursday-Friday – Phyllis Power
  • Saturday-Sunday – Jane Floyd
  • Hats & Blankets donations: Jolene Wrede

More door prize winners will be posted as they roll in.

The Grand Prize Drawing will be pulled at 7pm on April 17th at Knit. Winners contacted shortly after.

One thought on “Door Prize Winners

  1. I had a great time on the yarn crawl. I managed to get to every store as I have done every year. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t get a stitch holder from the Knitting Cove because they ran out. I was there on Friday and already they had run out. I have one from every store except them.

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