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As yarn people we have big, generous hearts and are constantly making things for family and friends.   That generosity extends beyond ourselves and our friends, to crafting for members of the community at large who have a need – cancer patients, premature babies, veterans, the homeless, animal shelters, and more.  As knitters and crocheters across Long Island come together during our Yarn Crawl to shop and to meet new friends, we would also like to come together to support our wonderful local charities.

This year our projects will be going to the Ronald McDonald House Long Island!

We are asking yarn crawl participants while you carefully plan which shops to visit and which friends to carpool with, consider also planning a project to donate – the Ronald McDonald House will gladly accept a project of any size from preemie to adult hats, blankets – truly anything you are inspired to give will be greatly appreciated.

For 2019 we collected and donated:

  • 1193, blankets, hats of all sizes, gloves, scarves and animals!!!  The generosity and warmth is truly amazing!

What to Do

  1. Choose any machine washable yarn, including superwash wools.
  2. Knit or Crochet a hat or blanket.
  3. Print out the following label, fill it out, attach the label to your project with a removable pin.
  4. Drop your projects off at any shop during your yarn crawl weekend out and about.

Following the yarn crawl, the yarn crawl organizers will collect all the donated hats & blankets from the yarn shops.  Projects donated to shops in Nassau County will be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House in Nassau and those donated in Suffolk County shops will go to Ronald McDonald House in Suffolk.


After all the donated hats & blankets have been collected from the yarn shops we will hold a drawing for the following prizes.

Thank you for your generosity!

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